Bring technology to frontline medical and healthcare providers!

Three of Ireland’s leading higher education institutions, Dublin City University, Maynooth University and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, have combined their complementary strengths to deliver a world-class masters programme.

The 3U MEng in Digital Health & Medical Technologies will produce engineers capable of designing and developing electronic devices and systems for the medical and digital health communities. These individuals will become flexible engineers who can work within the health services, health technology sector and indigenous and international health-oriented technology companies, providing products and solutions to improve human health.

Through this programme, students will extend their engineering skills and technical knowledge to work in partnership with healthcare clinicians and other medical experts and will develop strong skills in negotiating the clinical/technology interface.

There are exciting developments planned for the September 2019 entry onto this programme. If you have a good honours degree in Electronic Engineering (or cognate disciplines) and you are interested in applications in medicine, healthcare or bioelectronics, and have further queries on this programme, please contact the Programme Chair Prof Tomas Ward.

Quick Info

PAC Code: 3U02F

Course Type: Masters Degree

Course Duration:  1 Year

Course Delivery: Full-Time

About the course

Programme Structure

The first 2 semesters (15 week per semester) of the programme comprise a range of taught modules with examinations. The programme modules are designed to provide expertise in two technical areas: firstly, the technology for designing new medical devices especially those relevant in a connected health context; and secondly, image and signal analysis to assist diagnosis and visualisation.

These modules are complemented with in-depth modules on the medical sciences, ethics and regulations.

This is immediately followed by the Capstone Project (12 weeks), which includes workshops and seminars and an opportunity to design and develop a solution for a real-world digital health or medical technology problem.

Capstone Project

The Capstone project provides the student with practical experience of developing engineering solutions for the medical sector. Projects are hosted by the  Department of Electronic Engineering at either DCU or Maynooth University but are always strongly situated in a medical or clinical environment. During their project, students are co-supervised by RCSI staff or an RCSI-linked consultant/clinician on the one hand, and an engineering/computing academic from Maynooth University or DCU on the other. The projects are prepared during the first 2 semesters and are run immediately after the second semester is complete.