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Our taught Masters programmes are designed to be flexible to allow participants to customise a programme based on preferred focus areas. With a range of over 20 modules to choose from, the following utility will help you to tailor a selection of modules that best align with your existing skill set and also meet the requirements of your desired qualification.

To start customising your taught Masters programme, please select a programme from the list below. Indicative requirements will appear beneath your selection and the relevant options will be reflected in the table. To learn more about any of the modules,  simply click on the module title.

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Module Title
Level Delivery modes Pre-requisites Options
Semester 1
EE402: Object-oriented Programming for Engineers 8 Campus/Web Option
EE450: Communications Theory 8 Campus/Web Option
EE452: Wireless and Mobile Communications 8 Campus/Web Option
EE453: Image Processing & Analysis (Plus) 8 Campus/Web Option
EE463: Solid-State Electronics and Semiconductor Devices 8 Campus/Web Option
EE500: Network Performance 9 Campus/Web Option
EE509: Data Network Protocols: Analysis and Simulation 9 Campus/Web Option
EE514: Data Analysis & Machine Learning 9 Campus/Web Option
EE515: Real-Time Digital Signal Processing 9 Campus/Web Option
EE535: Energy System Decarbonisation: Technology and Policy 9 Campus/Web Option
EE540: HDL/High Level Logic Synthesis 9 Campus/Web Option
EE559: Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics Technology 9 Campus/Web Option
Semester 2
EE417: Web Application Development 8 Campus/Web Option
EE445: Bioelectronics 8 Campus/Web Option
EE454: Optical Communications System Design 8 Campus/Web Option
EE459: Mechatronic System Simulation & Control 8 Campus/Web Option
EE495: Transmission Lines, RF Propagation & Radio Link Design 8 Campus/Web Option
EE497: 3D Interface Technologies 8 Campus/Web Option
EE506: Fundamentals of Photonic Devices 9 Campus/Web Option
EE507: Entrepreneurship for Engineers 9 Campus/Web Option
EE508: Fundamentals of Device Manufacturing 9 Campus/Web Option
EE513: Connected Embedded Systems 9 Campus/Web Option
EE517: Network Analysis & Dimensioning 9 Campus/Web Option
EE538: Secure Sys Admin and Internetwork Security 9 Suspended 2018-19 Option
EE544: Computer Vision 9 Campus/Web Option
EE562: Network Stack Implementation 9 Campus/Web Option
EE592: ECE Project 9 Project
EE581: ECE Project (Major in Nanotechnology) 9 Project
EE596: ECE Project (Major in Advanced Data Networks) 9 Project
EE580: ECE Project (Major in the Internet of Things) 9 Project
EE595: ECE Project (Major in Imange Processing & Analysis) 9 Project