The Faculty of Engineering & Computing’s 2020 Expo delivered yet more good news for the School of Electronic Engineering, as final year student Zenouska Murphy scooped the IBM Opensource Prize.

Zenouska’s project was presented as part of Expo 2020, an annual event showcasing the final year projects of undergraduate students from across the Faculty.  The prize winning contribution, entitled ‘Simulation & Performance Evaluation of Urban Traffic Systems Using Sumo & NS3’ was praised by Ronan Dalton of IBM Software Lab for its clarity and practicality in dealing with a ‘real world challenge’.

An IBM TJ Bot (an AI robot with a do-it-yourself template to learn, experiment with and explore AI using IBM Watson services) has been awarded to Zenouska as prize winner.  The School congratulates Zenouska on an outstanding achievement and looks forward to more innovations from her!