Postgraduate Programme Structure

The diagram below shows the structure of the postgraduate programmes within the School.

Direct Masters Entrant: To qualify for direct entry onto a Masters Programme, a H2.2 (Honours Degree Level 8) in Electronic/Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics, Computer Sciences or other Engineering disciplines is a normal requirement.

Masters Qualifier Entrant: Students who do not have the entry requirements to enter directly onto the Masters programmes may be offered entry on the Masters Qualifier Programme. Students on the Masters Qualifier Programme may at a later stage transfer onto the Masters programme, subject to the transfer requirements.

Single Postgraduate Modules: Students who opt to take “Single Postgraduate Modules” may at a later stage transfer to a programme with full credit for modules completed.

Alternative Qualifications: While most students aim towards completing a Masters qualification, there are two alternative exit qualifications available. The Graduate Certificate qualification requires completion of four taught Level 9 modules (30 credits) and the Graduate Diploma qualification requires completion of eight taught Level 9 modules (60 credits). These exit routes are designed to facilitate students who wish to leave the programme early or, occasionally, those students who have found it difficult to complete their programme under the requirements of university marks and standards.